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WwT microbiome

H2E Wastewater Treatment

Faster, more effective wastewater treatment, without energy – this is our H2E process.

H2E provides decentralised, off-grid, energy-neutral wastewater treatment in an efficient, biological, green package.  Whether for residential, municipal, commercial, or industrial, H2E’s novel technology is the future of wastewater treatment.

  • 100% anaerobic - no electricity needed - Traditional systems require energy for aeration

  • H2E feeds off sludge and biologically digests it as a source of food/energy - Traditional plant inefficiencies produce organic sludge,  prompting sludge-disposal costs and headaches,

CE 12566-3 certified

No matter the design, packaged or bespoke, H2E's revolutionary technology provides unprecedented performance:

  • High-speed, biological processing; 91.7% COD cleaning efficiency completed in 6 hours (domestic raw sewage)

  • Silent, underground installation in an odour-free, sealed system

  • No annual maintenance check – system works on gravity-flow and has no moving parts

  • Effluent grey water - suitable for re-use - watering gardens, lawns, outdoor washing

  • Suitable for cleaning of all types of waste waters

  • Low cost maintenance - no professional cleaning or emptying  required

  • H2E produces a small amount of sand-like, inert, mineralised sediment that may require emptying by H2E owners/users, in accordance with instructions, only once every 2-3 years with normal use.

breakthrough wastewater treatment
biofiltration prebiotic
feed microbes

H2E's packaged plants for carry the CE Mark 12566-3.  This certification requires extensive testing in an EU-certified laboratory to validate performance during normal conditions and multiple stress tests.

H2E is ideal for customised, industrial, municipal and commercial plants. Efficiencies and speed mean smaller tank sizes and lower costs. 

For high-solids waste, like sludge & food-processing waste, biogas can be harvested from H2E plants. 

Click here for more information about our AD process. 

Whether in nature or in wastewater treatment plants, microbes digest organic compounds and clean waste.  Microbes are vital to wastewater treatment.  H2E optimises microbial efficiency by feeding, protecting, and housing microbes in ideal conditions.  As H2E becomes colonised with beneficial populations of microrganisms, wastewater treatment efficiencies increase and stabilise.  Biocomplex (BCx) prebiotic additive maintains microbial performance and keeps the H2E system highly functional - well above standard, conventional wastewater treatment processes. 

2 proprietary technologies make H2E performance possible:   

BCx – the ideal biological prebiotic additive which feeds and protects anaerobic microbial “workers”.  Provides:

  • Ion exchange – essential for sound wastewater treatment and something no other process offers. Eliminates ammonia, H₂S & buffers free ion inhibitors.

  • Ideal nutrient profile for microbes – oligosaccharides and a full range of trace elements support the growth of vast microbial “worker” populations.

High -performance Biomedia:

Our proprietary biomedia houses and holds microbes in a fixed film.

  • Compare this to conventional wastewater treatment plants which give up important microbes with every release of effluent, prompting the "return activated sludge" practice which pits anaerobes against aerobes in a fight to the death - producing inefficiencies and sludge!

Biomedia is self-cleaning; never needs re-charging or replacing.

The result is a wastewater treatment plant which is smaller, faster, greener and infinitely more stable.  Let’s look inside our biofilter and compare it to conventional processes:

microbial performance

How it Works

Why it Works

H2E plant

conventional WwT plant

biological solutions in a complex world

Full specifications are available on pre-fabricated, modular H2E systems for Residential & Commercial installations. 

Flexible design options available for Municipal & Industrial installations.

See your EKOGEA rep for additional information:

Combined with robust engineering, breakthrough microbiology is at the heart of everything we do.

Sound microbiology.  Solid Engineering.

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