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biological CIP treatment

biological solutions in a complex world

breakthrough CIP treatment


  • No chemicals – no corrosion, less scaling, safer for food applications

  • Less down time

  • Lower energy use

  • EKO GEA's BCx additives are  vegetable-based and safe for all food applications

CIP - Clean-in-place

Better performance and direct cost savings:


Shorter Treatment Times   •   Lower Temperatures   •   Improved COD reduction

More Capacity   •   No Anti-foam Requirements  •    Lower Bacterial Counts

Compare CIP  Protocols

How It Works

  • 100% vegetable product which performs as an ideal prebiotic biostimulant.  Vast aerobic armies are created which go to work reducing hydrocarbons and digesting organic materials. ​

  • Ion exchange capacity reduces free ion compounds, paving the way to unprecedented microbial diversity, health, and proliferation. 

  • Aerobes are uniquely protected and fed - BCx's nutrient profile creates the ideal prebiotic chemistry for beneficial microbial activity. 

making complex simple

biological solutions for Clean-in-Place

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