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biological solutions in a complex world

Blackwater waste:  Wastewater containing biological wastes, as from toilets, dishwashers, and kitchen drains. 

Blackwater treatment is of particular interest to septic tank owners, recreational users of camper vans and boats, and property owners who are not connected to a municipal wastewater treatment grid.

BCx is a biological treatment solution for all types of blackwater.  

  • Odour Elimination:  BCx eliminates and prevents odours via its ion exchange capacity. 

  • Ammonia (NH₃) is transformed to ammonium (NH₄), and H₂S is  transformed into elemental sulphur.  These are non-odourous, harmless compounds.

  • Eliminates FOG:  Fats, oils, and grease are digested and eliminated from systems.

  • BCx creates the ideal balance of microbes needed to digest blackwater waste.

  • Septic tanks:  BCx use extends the amount of time between emptying/servicing. 

  • Biological wastewater treatment plants:  BCx speeds the wastewater treatment process in any biological treatment process by uniquely feeding and protecting the microbes which break down and digest waste.  The microbes built by Biocomplex helps break down solids and hydrocarbon FOG (fats, oils, and grease).

  • Septic fields:  BCx frees up septic fields, providing usable, beneficial nitrogen (ammonium) compounds to soils and aiding decomposition and decontamination.

EKO GEA manufactures a range of packaged wastewater treatment plants certified under EN 12566-3. 

packaged biological wastewate treatment
biological blackwater treatment
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Yachting and Vacuum Toilets

Campers & Caravans

Sewers Drains & Gulleys

Biological Wastewater Treatment Plants

BCx is ideal for:

Full specifications are available on pre-fabricated, modular H2E systems for Residential & Commercial installations. 

Flexible design options available for Municipal & Industrial installations.

See your EKO GEA distributor for additional information:

Combined with robust engineering, breakthrough microbiology is at the heart of everything we do.

Sound microbiology.  Solid Engineering.

effective blackwater treatment
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