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biological solutions in a complex world

distributed wastewater treatment

Municipal & Industrial - H2E Wastewater Treatment Plants

  • Flexible design and construction options for municipal and industrial sites in concrete or other suitable construction materials

  • Ideal technology for the genuine implementation of decentralised, distributed WwT systems

  • Lower CAPEX and OPEX costs - smaller footprint; less piping; no aeration/energy costs

  • Green - carbon-and-nutrient-neutral (or positive)

  • Hydrologically restorative

  • No nuisance odours  - neutral or positive air quality benefits

    • Upgrade options for production of electricity and heat  - wastewater treatment from which biogas can be harvested (significant volume or high-energy waste required)

    • Ideal technology for renewable energy from organic waste feedstocks

      • Food & beverage processing, animal manure, sewage sludge, farm waste, etc.

Full specifications are available on pre-fabricated, modular H2E systems for Residential & Commercial installations. 

Flexible design options available for Municipal & Industrial installations.

See your EKO GEA distributor for additional information:

Combined with robust engineering, breakthrough microbiology is at the heart of everything we do.

Sound microbiology.  Solid Engineering.

1000-PE municipal wastewater treatment plant

decentralised wastewater treatment

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