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prebiotics versus probiotics

Probiotics vs. Prebiotics

Many developments are underway to find ways to support the microbiome - plant, animal, human, and environmental. 


Scientific discovery in this field is challenging and new: the majority of microbes have yet to be identified; their complex interactions are not yet understood; and the vast majority of microbes cannot be cultivated for manufacture. 


In light of these complexities, finding the right microbes to do various jobs (the probiotic approach) is particularly difficult.


We, at EKO GEA, have taken the prebiotic approach.  We believe that BCx, EKO GEA’s  ideal prebiotic, leap-frogs probiotic discoveries. BCx provides systemic support to the entire microbiome, promoting microbial diversity, dynamic biology, and microbial health.  BCx acts quickly enough to directly impact the microbiome, and in so doing, is the ideal tool for modulating biological processes.

making complex easy 

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