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effective biological grease elimination

Grease Elimination

Fats, oils, and grease (FOG) present the most difficult handling and treatment challenges. Trap and treat FOG to eliminate it from any wastewater effluent with our process. BCx 200 plus light aeration pre-treats FOG before wastewater goes to drains.  BCx builds the microbes which effectively eliminate hydrocarbons from grease traps and kitchen wastewater - a true biological solution to FOG elimination in a simple, low-cost, GREEN package.

Trap AND Treat

BCx provides the ideal environment for aerobic microbes – feeding and protecting them so they can digest FOG, performing oxidation + mineralisation of hydrocarbons, simlpy and biologically.  

BCx breaks down grease in wastewater into simpler compounds.  FOG and the long-chain-fatty-acid (LCFA) components are reduced to carbon dioxide, water, and organic, non-hydrocarbon molecules.  BCx eliminates FOG and its odours, harnessing the microbes which do this work.

Biology at its best


BCx provides biological ion exchange capacity which immediately transforms LCFA’s, nitrates, and odours like H₂S & ammonia

This ion-exchange mechanism helps pave the way for naturally-occurring microbial health and proliferation.  Microbes do the work in FOG reduction, and BCx 200 provides these aerobes with the ideal pre-biotic chemistry and nutrition, stimulating them to optimal performance and population growth.

The result is unprecedented, low-cost FOG elimination, biologically. 

FOG treatment units are sold as stand-alone units

Sound Biology.  Solid Engineering.

FOG elimination 48 hours
48-hour FOG elimination
biological FOG elimination

biological solutions in a complex world

Grease trap and treat
prebiotic for FOG elimination

making complex simple

biological solutions for FOG elimination

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