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biological solutions in a complex world

Aquaculture and Fish Health

Aquaculture is the world’s fastest-growing food sector, and it poses complex technological challenges.  Producers need tools to improve survival rates, yield, and disease resistance, and the industry requires better methods to reduce environmental impact.  In addition to these challenges, sustainability remains a critical issue. 

BCx is key to systemic improvements in aquaculture performance. As a feed ingredient, BCx provides a solution to survivability and yield. It modulates the microbiome via multi-layered mechanisms, conducting ion exchange and feeding beneficial microbes on shells and skin and in guts and gills.  As a sanitation treatment, BCx directly reduces ammonia, H₂S, and nitrogenous compounds.  It feeds a diverse array of beneficial plankton and diatoms which loads oxygen into water.  BCx is a disruptive tool for restoring the food web balance in ponds and tanks whilst reducing nutrient overload.

What Is BCx? 

 An extraction of marine algae in which certain fragile molecules have been isolated intact - oligosaccharides and organic acids among them.  A full range of trace elements and micronutrients help feed and protect diverse and healthy microbial functionality.

  • Ion exchage capacity provides immediate ammonia reduction. 

BCx in aquaculture:

  • Ammonia reduction in tanks & biofilters

  • Feeding to improve microbiome profiles, fish health and yield.

  • Microdiet supplementation for brood stock, hatchery, and nursery feed

  • Ideal culture media for Rotifer/Artemia

  • Feed attractant coating; smell & taste

  • Waste treatment – used extensively in the wastewater treatment industry to reduce COD, BOD, SS, N &P and Ammonia.

“It is almost a matter of feeding the bacteria, instead of the animal.” May 2017 Academy, European Federation on Animal Science (EEAP)

biological solutions for the complex world of aquaculture

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