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Crop & Soil Agriculture

BCx increases yields.  While it is common knowledge that plants need nutrients, discoveries now reveal that successful harvests depend on microbes.  Plants are metabolically incompetent.  Microbes perform the countless interactions which plants require for nutrient delivery, water absorption, enzyme activity, and transforming compounds within the soil to make them bio-available.  By feeding and protecting microbes, EKO GEA’s BCx directly impacts crop performance, increasing yield and overall plant health.

  • Ion exchange.  Biocomplex is rich in polyuronic acid which provides powerful biological ion exchange capacity.  This chelation mechanism buffers metals, unlocks bound nutrients in soils, and provides plants with the ability to assimilate the compounds they require. Ion exchange also serves to protect microbial populations from inhibiting substances in the soil - further promoting plant and soil health.

  • Feeding plant and soil microbes.  Biocomplex contains abundant oligosaccharides - a unique microbial food - available in nature in very small quantities.  Oligosaccharides promote microbial proliferation and diversity, assuring robust metabolism. BCx works quickly enough to directly benefit the crop & soil microbiome.  Along with oligosaccharides, Biocomplex contains a full range of trace elements and micronutrients, another source of microbial (and plant) nutrition.

BCx is 100% Ascophyllum nodosum marine algae - nothing added, nothing taken away.  BCx should not be confused with other A. nodosum products or products of kelp or marine algae origin.  Our intellectual property makes BCx unique:

  • Although all Ascophyllum nodosum is recognised for its biostimulant properties, no other manufacturer has been able to extract oligosaccharides and polyuronic acid content from within A. nodosum cells and cell walls.  Other competitive products are simply seaweed meals or seaweed extracts in which the fragile target molecules either remain within the stubborn cell walls or are largely destroyed in the extraction process. 

Biocomplex for pest and pathogen control:

Healthy plants are more resistant to pests and pathogens.  Biocomplex goes several steps further in protecting plants, and  Biocomplex-treated plants display significant disease-resistance. 

  • Robust microbial populations created by Biocomplex in plants and soils create competitive exclusion, reducing pathogen infection.

  • Biocomplex-treated foliage  controls fungi.  Fungi only thrive in acidic environments so high-pH Biocomplex inhibits fungal growth and is further aided by competitive exclusion by beneficial microbes

  • When post-harvest soils are sprayed with Biocomplex, a rapid increase in soil microbiology creates high-temperature composting near the soil surface.  Microbes feast on the carbon in post-harvest residue. The resulting high temperatures created by this activity kills nematode and fungi, preventing future diseases associated with high concentrations of these pests. 

  • Biocomplex, when mixed with diatomaceous earth as a foliage spray, is an effective natural pesticide. Biocomplex is an ideal adhesive and carrier for any substance that lends itself to crop spraying, and diatomaceous earth is a well-known pesticide, destroying pests with exoskeletons (insects) from the inside out.

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Application of Biocomplex for Crop Yield:

Biocomplex is applied as a foliar spray on young plants in 2-3 applications, beginning at the 2-leaf-stage.  Even in the early phases of plant development, increased root mass and the promotion of root-hairs is apparent with Biocomplex application.

Biocomplex is suitable for any soil-based or hydroponic crop.  We offer a range of solutions.  Contact your EKO GEA representative for any details. 

Instructions for Biocomplex 900 Foliar Spray available upon request.

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