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biological solutions in a complex world

EKO-GEA is at the forefront of odour reduction technology  - providing dramatic reduction of the most offensive odours and noxious gases:

  • Ammonia - NH3

  • Hydrogen Sulphide - H2S

  • Mercaptans

BCx works through biological ion-exchange to eliminate odours bio-chemically  within minutes on contact with waste, manure, sludge, leachate, scrubber emissions, and in bio-filters.  Ion-exchange treatment is the most effective way to reduce large quantities of offensive gases – and BCx offers a GREEN alternative to chemical ion-exchange products and perfumes. BCx reduces odour in any industry or waste treatment application where odours are problematic.


BCx’s unique gel-consistency adheres to particulates and controls dust in any application – waste recovery and treatment centres, mining, construction, agriculture, and any dust-generating industrial application.  The gel keeps particulates down even upon drying, so misting and humidity is only required when dust is being generated.

Gas Emissions

BCx passed through an atomiser effectively captures H2S, NOx, SOx, heavy metals, and particulates in chimney & scrubber emissions due to its gel-consistency.  Once captured, BCx can then break down and sequester contaminants through its biological ion-exchange and bioaugmentation capacities.  Ion exchange treatment is the most effective way to remove large quantities of H2S and NH3 – and BCx offers a GREEN solution to reducing emissions in power stations or any industrial application where air emissions and particulates are found.

ammonia reduction waste treatment
odour elimination biological
particulate abatement
ideal dust abatement


EKO GEA provides high-performance bio-filtration using proprietary biomedia alongside BCx.   Keeping microbes viable in hostile biofilter environments is challenging, but we offer ideal food and housing for microbes - feeding and protecting them so they sustain-ably thrive.  

EKO GEA's proprietary biomedia is a natural, robust, porous stone that provides huge surface area housing for microbes.  It never needs recharging or replacing.  With BCx as a culture media, our bio-filters out-perform currently-available biofiltration technologies.

making complex simple

biological solutions for odour and dust

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