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Waste Treatment

EKO GEA offers a full range of safe, biological methods for treating solid, liquid and hazardous wastes.  Our biological tool, BCx, is our core technology.  We use BCx, alone or within our engineered treatment plants, to eliminate waste and reduce the costs associated with waste disposal.  Our applications serve:

  • Wastewater treatment with our proprietary H2E plant

  • Landfills - municipal solid waste (MSW) and leachate treatment

  • Soil remediation

  • Sewage sludge digestion and elimination with our proprietary AD systems

  • Biogas production  - as an option for organic wastes

ammonia reduction leachate treatment
Ammonia reduction landfills
Sound Microbiology. Solid Engineering.

Attributes and Options which set our technology apart:

  • Biological, in situ cleaning.  We build vast and diverse microbial armies which provide unique mechanisms for bio-sequestration, bio-augmentation and bio-remediation on contaminated sites. 

  • Ion exchange. The ion exchange capacity in BCx buffers free ions and metals, reduces odours, and provides ideal conditions for healthy, diverse microbial activity.  Robust microbiology reduces the impact of waste on the earth, and sound microbiology requires ion exchange.

  • Pre-treatment engineering.  Our proprietary mechanical pre-treatment technologies micronise particle size and/or concentrates solids to reduce liquid loads, lowering costs and reducing treatment footprints.  Pre-treatments allow for effective biological cleaning and polishing - speeding the processes employed by microbes and nature.

  • Proprietary bio-media.  Our bio-media is porous, natural, silica-stone - ideal for biofiltration and biological cleaning.  These properties "house" microbes in a fixed film, retaining microbial workers in liquid waste while they metabolise, digest waste, and proliferate, optimising retention times and providing peak performance. 

  • Green.  Cutting-edge biology works to remedy waste in the greenest possible footprint.  EKO GEA offers the most effective biological tools to speed, clean, feed and protect biology, providing a completely green solution.   

biological solutions in a complex world

Simple, in situ, biological solutions for:

  • Odour reduction

  • Wastewater treatment

  • Heavy metal sequestration & bio-augmentation

  • Mineralisation of organics

  • Hydrocarbon-Fats Oils Grease (FOG) cleaning

  • Pathogen reduction

biological solutions in a complex waste treatment world

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