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prebiotic chemistry
ammoniacal nitrogen reduction

biological solutions in a complex world

BCx for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) - Landfill & Leachate Solutions


BCx provides a range of  simple, economical biological treatments for MSW landfills and landfill leachate to reduce and eliminate contaminants and minimise damage to the environment. 

 Proven, novel biological BCx provides a controlled decomposition process :

  • Dramatically reduces COD, pathogens, and odour

  • Performs biological ion exchange - reduces noxious gases (H2S, NH3, mercaptans)

  • Reduces leachate volume and disinfects pathogens

  • EKOGEA's biological process raises temperatures to levels which repel pests​​ 

  • Increases landfill capacity

  • No methane pocketing; improved methane quality for collection; no fire hazards

  • Heavy metal sequestration via bio-sorption

BCx is entirely non-toxic – a proprietary extraction of Ascoplyllum nodosum marine algae.  Its bio-active properties build microbial cultures which break down organic compounds  in a metabolic process and eliminate both airborne and leachate toxicity. 

BCx reduces:

  • Odour

  • COD, BOD, pathogens

  • Leachate volumes

  • Heavy metal contamination

  • Pests – birds, rats, flies

Biological efficiencies increase landfill capacity

Why and How it Works

Results in 2 hours with BCx + light aeration from fish-tank pump

  • Biological ion exchange capacity of BCx

    • Immediate biochemical  reduction of noxious gases (H2S, NH3, mercaptans), breaks down long chain compounds into digestible organic acids for microbes

  • BCx = an ideal microbial culture media – aerobic & anaerobic

    • Enhances mineralisation of organic matter

    • Reduces COD & BOD

    • Improves CH4 production

      • Biogas has higher methane content

    • Beneficial microbes out-compete pathogens

  • Robust microbial activity produces HEAT  = dehydration

  • Increased microbial populations consume water  = more dehydration

  • Blocks heavy metal contamination

    • Ascophyllum nodosum is known to bio-absorb/sequester heavy metals without release into plants, animals or eco-systems

  • Sets up balanced biological feeding cycle

    • Feeds & speeds micro-algae growth during daylight at top layer of landfill – amasses CO₂

    • Micro-algae dies at night and becomes needed Carbon source for better biology – food for beneficial microbes = more biological degradation

  • Heat repels pests (birds, flies, rats)

Reduces leachate volume

Microbes do this work!

effective biological leachate treatment

making complex simple

biological solutions for landfills & leachate

An industry breakthrough

Leachate is typically carries high-COD, low-BOD levels with ammonical nitrogen issues.  EKOGEA's process overcomes these challenges by building diverse, robust microbial populations, even in the hostile , MSW leachate enviironment, allowing for biological treatment performance in leachate.

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